Pharmacy Permit Amendments & Renewal

The pharmacy manager must notify the Saskatchewan College of Pharmacists (SCPP) of changes within the pharmacy or amendments to the permit, planned or realized, including:

  • changes in the ownership of the pharmacy whether for a share purchase or asset sale (corporate owner name change) and/or any changes in the directors or registered agent of the corporate owner
  • changes in the pharmacy that would affect the information provided to SCPP in the application for accreditation or a renewal
  • changes that result in variations to the pharmacy diagram at the current the location of the pharmacy (renovation)
  • changes to the pharmacy manager (amendment)
  • changes to the pharmacy trade name (amendment)
  • changes to the pharmacy location address (amendment/relocation)
  • changes to the status of the pharmacy; such as closing the pharmacy


Please review the requirements listed for the type of change the pharmacy is reporting.


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