On December 1, 2017, the SCPP Regulatory Bylaws that made a continuous quality improvement (CQI) program requirement (COMPASS) a requirement in all proprietary pharmacies, came into effect.

As COMPASS is the only program that meets the continuous quality improvement (CQI) program requirement standards, the College is levying a surcharge of $500 per pharmacy to finance ongoing administrative fees and subscriptions to the resources needed for COMPASS, including medication incident identification and reporting systems, and a safety self-assessment tool.

For more information about proprietary pharmacy permit fees, as well as registration, membership, licence and reinstatement fees, please review Part F of the SCPP Administrative Bylaws.

Breakdown of the $500.00 permit fee:

Expenses Cost
CPhIR/MSSA subscription $ 340.00*
Ongoing administrative fees $ 160.00**
Total fee $ 500.00

*ISMP charges SCPP a $170.00 COMPASS subscription fee for satellite pharmacies. SCPP will absorb this cost as well as the administrative fees for 2020-2021 permit renewal year.

**The Community Pharmacy Incident Reporting System (CPhIR) and Medication Safety Self-Assessment (MSSA) subscription is the largest portion of the $500.00 cost and is paid directly to ISMP Canada. The remainder of the fee goes towards administrative costs such as implementation, compliance, monitoring and developing resources for pharmacy staff.


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