All pharmacy managers must designate one individual in the pharmacy to be the Quality Improvement (QI) Coordinator. If the QI Coordinator has not taken one of the live COMPASS training sessions offered in the spring and fall of 2017, they will be required to obtain training through CPDPP's COMPASS Online Training course by November 1, 2017. The QI Coordinator will then train the rest of the pharmacy staff.


In-person COMPASS Training Sessions are no longer available.

Please visit the CPDPP website to register for the COMPASS Online Training.


Training Topics

Education sessions will include the following information:

  • COMPASS – history and rationale for development
  • Program requirements
  • Bylaw requirement
  • Tools – CPhIR, MSSA and CQI meetings and the QI Tool
  • Tips and tricks on how to implement into workflow e.g. batched or hybrid forms of medication error reporting, and documenting of improvement plans



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